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Proactive & Proficient Virtual Executive Assistant Support


Seamless, Professional & Reliable Support From A Professional, Dedicated Assistant Who Understands Your Needs

As a senior executive or business leader, time is in short supply. You’ve too much to do and not enough time to do it. And that’s where we come in.

At Executive PA Solutions, we provide you with reliable, proactive and professional support that reduces your workload, takes care of every detail and allows you to focus on the things that matter most. So you can feel less stressed, more organised and confident that you’ll continue to show up professionally.

Our virtual executive assistants have the expertise and high-level skills that mean you can delegate more than tasks alone, you can delegate authority. You can let go, whilst still trusting everything will be taken care of reliably and to a high standard. Because we know that’s important to you.

How To Get Started

To start the process of partnering with your professional executive assistant, simply book a call with Sandy. You can choose a time to suit you by clicking here. This is a free no obligation opportunity to discuss your needs.

How Our Executive Assistant Support Works

Our award-winning executive assistant company is home to some of the industry’s most diligent and reliable executive assistants, each equipped with the skills and insight to provide you with exceptional virtual business support.

We carefully partner you with one of our executive assistants who complements your business, ensuring you have a solid foundation for a long-term working relationship. 

Your executive assistant will get to know you and your business and work closely with you, becoming a valued part of your team. They’re in it for the long haul – partnering with you to support you now and in the future as your business grows. 

Our high-calibre, talented and experienced executive assistants support senior-level executives, non-executive directors, leadership coaches, entrepreneurs and business leaders who are achieving great things but need help alleviating the pressure in operational organisation and maintaining professional standards.


Why Choose Executive PA Solutions

Perfectly Partnered Service

A good relationship works best when care and attention has been paid to the partnering process. This is where we shine; we take a great deal of consideration when partnering you with your ideal executive assistant.

You can be confident that your assistant will seamlessly step into the role, feeling like they’ve always been part of your team – as an extension of you.

Highly Experienced Executive Assistants

Every Executive PA Solutions team member has a stellar reputation for skill and capability.

We handpick our team so we can continue to deliver an exceptional service, assuring you that your executive assistant will expertly manage whatever you need.

Proactive, Reliable & Capable

Our highly trained executive personal assistants don’t require micro-managing – they take full responsibility for their tasks.

When you work with Executive PA Solutions, you can rely on us to overcome and problem-solve any issues that arise, leaving you to focus on driving your priorities forward.

Long-Term Reliability

Our process of partnering with you means that you’ll only work with your dedicated executive assistant.

You’ll soon benefit from the deeper understanding your assistant has of your business and preferences, paving the way for a trusting, satisfying long-term working partnership.

What Our Clients Say

We are delighted to have worked with inspiring business professionals that have flourished with our virtual Executive Assistants. Here’s what some of them have to say about us;

Bernard Perry

Elite PA Solutions has been providing a high standard of Virtual PA support to TRANSEARCH for over five years. Sandy has a thorough understanding of top-level international executive search and the project/ process-driven nature of what we do – characterised by high levels of professionalism, communication and discretion.

She fully appreciates the type and calibre of individual that is best suited to support a business like ours. Sandy has a knack of perfect people-matching!

Managing Partner, London

Family Law Solictor

We were recommended Sandy and her team and from the outset Sandy really understood my business needs. Sandy partnered us with Nancy who my team are really pleased with. Nancy has been open to learning our processes and she is a really quick learner who is efficient and accurate.

It is a pleasure to work with Sandy and Nancy and I especially welcome the regular coffee catch ups with Sandy to ensure all is well and my business needs are being met.

Family Law Solicitor

Francis Wilkin

I worked with Sandy at Spencer Stuart for a number of years. I have since been in touch with her regarding her new VA business.

She is one of the best EAs I have worked with: highly professional and diligent with a collegiate and warm style. She is 100% reliable. I would happily recommend her to anyone requiring the services of a VA, including clients of Stork & May.

Former Partner,

Tom O’Sullivan

From the outset, there was calm, clarity and a structure that enabled me to untangle some of my thoughts and get tasks into manageable bites – and then for some of those tasks to be taken off my plate, was really wonderful.

Tom O’Sullivan, Former CEO

Dr Eileen Forrestal

“From the outset, there was calm, clarity and a structure that enabled me to untangle some of my thoughts and get tasks into manageable bites – and then for some of those tasks to be taken off my plate, was really wonderful.”

Dr Eileen Forrestal, Wellbeing Coach, Rise & Shine!

Andrew Tallents

Sandy listened to what I needed and very quickly introduced me to one of her team. She had worked in a leadership services business before and was used to speaking with senior executives. It was important that I could trust my PA to act on my behalf on a day to day basis once they understood how I liked to work and what my clients needed.

We met face-to-face in London before we kicked off our working relationship. As soon as we met, I felt confident that she would be able to look after my clients and more importantly me!

Andrew Tallents

Christina Campbell

I worked with Sandy for around 10 years at Spencer Stuart, up until 2009 when I left. She was a joy to work with, always diligent, professional and good fun. She is very well organised, strong on project management, and people-oriented – she handled clients and candidates at the most senior levels with great care and discretion.

If I had the opportunity, I would hire her, as she is one of the best EAs I have worked with anywhere.

Careers Advisor, Coach and Executive Outplacement Consultant

Caterina Kostoula

I loved working with Sandy and her philosophy to find proactive assistants that know how to problem-solve. I had worked with another agency in the past and my experience was not positive.

My assistant used to add me with stress rather than relieve me. I needed someone smart, with excellent communication skills and commitment to excellence. Sophie exceeded my expectations.

Caterina Kostoula, Executive Coach

Sue Mandelbaum

Having worked with Sandy before, at Spencer Stuart, I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone needing help in organising meetings or in producing the highest quality documentation.


Håkan Erixon

Sandy is my lifeline! The concept of VA – virtual assistant was unknown to me but since we started working together circa 6 years ago, I have not looked back.

I travel regularly and Sandy takes care of all my travel co-ordination, diary management and collating of quarterly expenses. This is the future of collaboration and assistance with the important details of your professional life!

Independent Director, London and Sweden

The Benefits Of Working With Executive PA Solutions

Consistent, Dedicated Support

Your executive assistant will quickly establish themselves as your lynchpin – someone who is reliably there, day in, day out.

All of our virtual assistants are experienced executive assistants who have worked at a board and c-suite level across many industry sectors.

Expertise That Gives You Time

We can’t create more hours in the day. But what we can do is take on tasks that take up your time unnecessarily.

These don’t need to be low-level tasks either; our team have extensive skills and experience that mean they can provide a huge scale of support — freeing up time that you can put to good use.

A Cost-Effective Solution

With us, you get all the benefits of a highly-skilled professional without the burden and cost of hiring someone.

We work flexibly to suit you, you can add services and hours to your package as and when needed.

Access To An Unrivalled Skillset

While you will work with your dedicated executive assistant, you can also benefit from the vast range of talents that the whole team brings.

If you have a task or project that requires a specialist skillset, our team can work collaboratively, giving you access to the expertise you need.

Virtual Personal Assistant


Sandy Hearn has spent decades working within fast-paced professional services environments alongside some of the most influential and high-demand individuals.

With over 25 years’ experience, Sandy came to understand how critical it is for senior-level executives, directors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to be able to delegate to an executive assistant that not only does the task, but takes authority and responsibility for it too.

Executive PA Solutions takes understanding our client’s requirements and goals to a new level. Being the bridge that brings you to the right executive assistant is essential to ensure that you enjoy the calm confidence that comes with knowing that your assistant is meticulously working to maintain organisation.

We support you daily by giving you peace of mind and the freedom to spend your time as you wish – be that at work, with your family, friends or at your leisure!

How Executive PA Solutions Can Help You

Executive Assistant Support

Our executive assistant support offers much more than diary and office management. We delve deep into the workings of your organisation to produce processes that improve productivity and flow.

If you find yourself side-tracked by tasks or bogged down by mundane aspects of your business, we’ll free up your time so you can put your focus where it matters.

Has Lockdown Changed the Way You Work

Lifestyle Support

Our expertise and assistance don’t have to be limited to business tasks only.

From remembering appointments to arranging family outings, with optional lifestyle support we’re more than happy to provide the same level of diligent organisation to your personal life as we do to your business life. You’ll never have to last-minute panic to buy a forgotten gift again!


Event Management 

Hosting an event is a huge undertaking that requires many hours to ensure everything comes together.

Our team is well-versed in planning all types of events, and we have the skills and expertise to make it look easy.

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