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Executive Assistant Business Support Services

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Confidently Delegate Responsibility & Authority For A More Productive Week – Every Week

The right executive support can improve your productivity, reduce your workload and help your business to run smoothly.

At Executive PA Solutions, we’ll partner you with the perfect assistant who will take complete authority and facilitate a productive workplace for you. Allowing you to confidently let go of the tasks that are taking away your time and focus and creating a more balanced workload.

A well-partnered executive assistant will become a part of your team, working seamlessly within your business to become an indispensable resource. Reducing stress and giving you more time to work on the important tasks that will move your business forward.

How To Get Started

To start the process of partnering with your professional executive assistant, simply book a call with Sandy. You can choose a time to suit you by clicking here. This is a free no obligation opportunity to discuss your needs.

How An Executive Assistant Can Help You

Reduce Your Workload

Stop doing the tasks that don’t move you forward and delegate them to an executive assistant who you can trust to take authority and complete the tasks to the highest standard.

Show Up Professionally Every Day

An executive assistant will help make sure that you show up professionally by handling the day-to-day tasks that could otherwise get delayed and by keeping everything in order.

More Focus, Less Reactive-Working

By allowing your executive assistant to filter the distractions that create a reactive work environment, you will be able to take a more focused, paced approach to your time.

Less Stress, Better Productivity

By delegating and giving responsibility for your tasks to an executive assistant, you’ll feel less stressed and better able to focus on the productive work you should be doing.

How Our Executive Business Support Works

When you work with Executive PA Solutions we’ll get to understand you and your business before partnering you with the perfect assistant for your needs. You’ll work solely with this executive assistant, building a relationship with them and trusting them to take responsibility and authority with the tasks you delegate to them.

An executive assistant is more than a PA or VA, they’re a skilled, experienced and reliable member of your top-level team who will allow you to really let go of the responsibility of some of your workload and support you both now and in the future, as your business grows.

What Does Executive Business Support Include?

With a team as highly-skilled as ours, there is little, if nothing, that we don’t provide.

Your assistant will be partnered with you based on your needs, perfectly matching you with an assistant with the skills and experience necessary to offer you seamless support.

Here’s just some of the tasks we can take off your plate…

Schedule Management

Your executive assistant will ensure your diary is fully managed, so you always know where you need to be.

We can schedule and oversee face-to-face meetings, Zoom & video meetings, conferences and interviews so you can confidently trust that your time is efficiently managed.

Business Travel

We remove the hassle out of arranging out-of-town meetings and conferences.

From booking hotels and hiring cars, to planning your itinerary and finding travel insurance – we’ll handle all of the details so you can focus on the intent of the trip – business.

Meeting Bookings

When you plan a meeting, you can pass on the responsibility of sourcing an appropriate location, coordinating the attendees and facilitating any specific requirements, such as accessibility or dietary needs.

Minute Taking

We’ll be the attentive, responsive person you need in your board, partnership or committee meetings. You can rely on your executive assistant to maintain meticulous minutes and record any tasks that may need to be actioned after the meeting.


You can delegate the time-consuming research aspects of a project to your executive assistant.

You can be assured that the results will be comprehensive and readily available on your preferred timescale.

Presentations & Slide Decks

Our team are highly competent in creating visually appealing presentations and slide decks that help you to deliver a well-branded, professional impression.

Client Liaison

We’re confident speaking with your clients on your behalf, ensuring they feel they’re dealing with your brand directly.

Keeping relationships strong and reducing the time you spend in your inbox.

Credit Control

You can ease the burden of managing your expenses by handing them over to your executive assistant, who will maintain immaculate records.

Proofreading & Editing

With our keen-eyed proofreading and editing skills, you’ll never feel embarrassed by a rogue typo again.

We will make sure all documents are consistent, on brand and represent your professionalism and status.

And More…

Whatever your needs, tell us and we can partner you to an executive assistant who will confidently and competently fulfil them.

How Much Does Executive Business Support Cost

We work on a retainer basis with a minimum of 20 hours per month at a rate of £40 per hour + VAT. This allows your executive assistant enough time to maximise their value and productivity.

When you first partner with us, we’ll ask you some questions to help us understand how many hours you may need and whether you feel these may change over time. You can always increase the number of hours you require if you decide to delegate more to your assistant as time goes on. It’s important to us that we partner you with an assistant who has the capacity to grow with you, if required.

Your executive assistant is contracted on a 30-day rolling contract, so there are no long-term tie-ins. However, many of our clients have remained for many years, so you can be assured that this investment is a worthwhile one.

Optional Add-Ons: For Seamless Support In Every Area Of Your Life

Executive business support will give you the help you need to reduce your workload and keep things running smoothly. But sometimes you need more than just business support – and we can help with that too.

Lifestyle Support

Get the same five-star service we provide to you professionally in your personal life too. This optional add-on means your executive assistant will handle your personal matters, from arranging car services, to researching holiday destinations, to sourcing the perfect gift. You can feel confident that your work and personal life are in order, and your time is better spent on the things you enjoy.

Event Management

Event management is a skill set all of its own. Planning and running an event is incredibly time-consuming and takes multiple skills, from negotiation and organisation to problem-solving and creative thinking. We’ve planned large-scale events and smaller gatherings, all over the world, so you can trust us to plan, manage and coordinate your event seamlessly.

Why Choose Executive PA Solutions

Skilled & Experienced Executive Assistants

Our team is made up of career executive assistants.

Hardworking individuals who have dedicated their careers to learning the skills and abilities that have made them some of the most in-demand in the sector.

Perfectly Partnered For Seamless Support

Your executive assistant will become a keystone in the inner workings of your business.

This level of involvement takes trust and an innate ability to work without intervention.

Our process means that you are partnered with an executive assistant who is most likely to develop the unspoken dynamic needed to give you confidence in your delegation.

Reliable, Responsive & Resourceful

Our executive assistants don’t need you to handhold them. They’ll confidently take authority over the tasks you delegate and deliver what you need.

Our executive assistants are all experts in thinking on their feet and resolving situations before they escalate and divert your attention.

Long-Term Reliability

Our process of partnering with you means that you’ll only work with your dedicated executive assistant.

You’ll soon benefit from the deeper understanding your assistant has of your business and preferences, paving the way for a trusting, satisfying long-term working partnership.