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Lifestyle Management – Get on Top of your Household Paperwork

by Jan 20, 2021Lifestyle Support

We may live in the digital age, however escaping the household paperwork can still feel like a never ending task.

Unless you stay on top of the paperwork, you could eventually find yourself drowning underneath it. A little organisation will help you find the documents you urgently need, and prevent you from missing bills or appointments. Here’s how to get organised and stay in control….

How to Sort your Paperwork

Hunt down every piece of paperwork in your home. For example, dig out those old takeaway menu’s, medical files and letter-box junk mail. Now sort this paperwork into three piles: recycle, scan and save.

Recycle your junk mail, useless flyers and magazines. Let’s be honest you’ll never read them again. Try cutting out articles that interest you and storing them in a scrapbook. A scrapbook will be more accessible and take up less space.

You might want to look through that ‘save’ pile to ensure there aren’t bank statements from ten years ago. Anything with your personal details on that can be disposed of, should be shredded to protect your privacy.

Your ‘scan’ pile should be comprised of the information you want to keep safe and secure. This pile may contain your birth certificate and bank information. Any paperwork you feel is important to you and your family should be kept in this pile.

Scanning Important Documents

It’s always possible for physical documents to get damaged or lost, so it’s important to have a digital backup. There are apps you can download on your smartphone, which will allow you to take photos of your documents and store them as PDF’s – making this process quick and easy.

You should aim to keep your digital files in at least two locations, this way you’ll be less likely to lose them. Make sure any folders containing your important paperwork is password-protected, and set any cloud files to private. Then once scanned, keep these documents in a secure place, such a lockbox.

Clearly Defined Filing System

Having an organised filing system is crucial for anyone who runs a business that handles a lot of paperwork. Coloured hanging folders are a good investment, as are labels which are easy to read. Stick with basic alphabetical order and consider colour coding your labels, this will help you find files quickly.

If you’re looking to buy a cabinet or a container for you files, it’s worth looking for something a little larger than you need. This will give you some room for extra files in the future. Once you set up your filing system, set a little bit of time aside each month to go through and check everything is still in order. This is especially important if others have access to the files, as it doesn’t take long for them to descend into chaos.

Don’t Let Piles of Paperwork Build Up

We understand that when you’re running a business, time is of the essence and sometimes it requires a little outside support to stop that paperwork building up. Would you like some help in getting started with your paperwork? If so, why not book one of my Clarity Hours? The Clarity Hour is 60 minutes of focused time with me on Zoom. We’ll get laser focused on what you are struggling with and I’ll provide you with clarity and guidance. You will feel more proficient moving forwards, which will ultimately save you not only time but money too. Contact me if you’d like to know more about how I can support you at home and in your business.

This article was written by Sandy Hearn at Elite PA Solutions. Elite PA Solutions is a team of Virtual Assistants who will save you time by taking care of the operational side of both your business and personal life. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website at www.elitepasolutions.com or feel free to contact us at office@elitepasolutions.com.

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