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Our Executive Assistant Partnering Process

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How We Connect You With Your Ideal Executive Assistant

At Executive PA Solutions, we’re experts in supporting high-performing executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. By partnering you with the perfect executive assistant for your needs, we can help reduce your workload and help make life a little easier.

We strongly emphasise the initial onboarding stage, ensuring that we partner you with an executive assistant that is a cohesive fit with your working style, personality and overall workplace culture.

The process is thorough but simple and allows us to get to know you, so we can partner you with an assistant that creates the perfect match.

What You Can Expect From Executive PA Solutions

Our years of service have led to many long-term working partnerships. We are very grateful to Chris for sharing his experience of working with us.


We take a staged approach to connecting you with your ideal executive assistant.
You can be assured of a long-lasting partnership that’s based on an equal alignment of values, working practices and characteristics.

Step One: Your Discovery Call

After receiving your enquiry, Sandy will schedule a call. Here she’ll better understand what you need, how you envisage the partnership to work and what expectations you have from your new virtual executive assistant.

You can also raise any concerns or problems you’ve had in the past and hear how we handle things differently.

Step Two: The Partnering Process

We’ll begin the process of partnering you with one of our talented virtual executive assistants. Our dynamic, charismatic, and highly proficient team of professionals possess varied and unique skills that span many industries.

Using our specifically developed process, we can ensure you are partnered with an executive assistant that will complement you and your working practices, core values and individual style. We will send you our terms & conditions to review so you can see the criteria we are using to determine your ideal executive assistant.

Step Three: Introducing You & Getting To Know You

We will send you their credentials and background and arrange a video call. This allows both you and the executive assistant to get to know each other, so you can both be sure that you’re a good fit.

Once we have partnered you with your executive assistant, the onboarding process begins.

Step Four: Seamless Support

Your new virtual executive assistant will spend time getting to know you and your organisation, quickly assimilating and learning, so they are immediately productive and useful.

You can start delegating the tasks you need support with and fine-tuning your communication strategies, so your executive assistant can shoulder some of the responsibility you carry.

Step Five: Ongoing Guidance

Soon you’ll settle into your own routine and schedules with your executive assistant. Each week you will receive a comprehensive time report so you can continue to feel assured by their capability and control.

Sandy will remain involved, supporting your assistant as they support you, and offering regular review calls to ensure that our partnership delivers to your expectations.

Time is a crucial element of your success

As an entrepreneur, founder, or CEO, time is a crucial element of your success regardless of who you are or what you do.

We have created a tool that will support you in making the most of time – the most important resource around.

This download will provide you with a productivity checklist, detailing ways to increase your output with a virtual Executive Assistant.

Why Choose Executive PA Solutions?

Skill-Rich Executive Assistants

We carefully select our virtual executive assistants based on their experience, ability and character.

We’re meticulous with our interviewing process, curating a pool of the industry’s finest and most capable executive assistants.


Experienced & Efficient

We highly value experience and expertise, so you know that your executive assistant will always work with maximum efficiency.

You can hand over tasks and projects feeling reliably assured that they will be proficiently completed.


Confident & In Control

Away on business? Out of the office?

Your executive assistant will work to maintain your presence, even in your absence.

You can rest assured that things are running smoothly, so you can focus on your time away.