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Pricing For Your Executive Assistant

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Simple Pricing With Flexibility For Growth & Progress 

At Executive PA Solutions, we like to take away stress and hassle, which is why we operate on a simple, transparent pricing structure. You’ll always know what to expect from your invoice, which will make budgeting simple and keep your accounts team happy!

We offer flexibility with our retainer package, so you can increase your hours as your needs grow, ensuring you always have the support you need to make life a little easier.

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Executive Business Support Service Pricing

Our virtual executive assistant packages start from £800 + VAT a month for 20 hours of support. This is around 5 hours a week, which is the minimum time that’s sufficient for your executive assistant to invest themselves in your business and make an impact on your day-to-day.

There’s no maximum number of hours you can opt for, so you can get as much support as you feel you need. We can help you identify the best package for you needs if you are unsure.

Your virtual executive assistant will provide a weekly report detailing how their time is being spent, so you can make sure you’re utilising your support efficiently. We review our retained clients each quarter to ensure your package continues to serve you well and your support can grow as your business grows.

Lifestyle support pricing

If you would like support in all aspects of your life, you can extend your service to include personal tasks, such as researching and booking holiday clubs for your children, hiring domestic cleaners and arranging for your car’s MOT.

Hours are charged at (£45 + VAT per hour). We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you determine how many additional lifestyle hours to allocate for your personal requirements.

Event Planning & Management Pricing

Our virtual executive assistants can plan and manage all manner of events, from corporate days out to exhibitions and award ceremonies.

As events can vary in terms of size and requirements, our event management services are priced on request.

Pricing FAQs

How long is the contract?

Most of our client stay with us for years, but that’s because they’re happy with the service we provide.

There’s no long term contract, just a simple rolling 30 days. If you decide to terminate at any time you just need to give 30 days notice.

Can I add ad hoc additional hours?

The key to successful support is ensuring you’ve got the hours you need when you need them so we don’t offer ad hoc working.

We work hard to understand your needs and agree the right retainer with you, but if you do go over your hours one month, don’t worry!

You’ll just be billed for the extra hours at the usual hourly rate. We review your retainer package quarterly to ensure your allocated number of hours is suited to your needs.

What happens if I don’t use all my allocated hours in a month?

Your executive assistant will allocate the agreed number of hours to you, so that you’ve got a trusted partner you can delegate to reliably.

We don’t “double book” or over subscribe our assistants so your hours must be used in the month or lost.

We update you weekly on how your hours are accumulating, so that you can delegate more tasks if you’re building up a surplus and make sure you make the most of your help.

Do I pay in advance or on arrears?

Payment is made in advance every month. When you agree the start date, you’ll be issued an invoice and given details of how to pay.

This invoice is due within 7 days. You’ll then be issued an invoice each month, again due before the month starts.

Will you send me a VAT invoice for my accounts?


We’ll send you a VAT invoice each month, so you can reclaim your VAT.

Can I change how many hours I need each month?

Our goal is to offer you consistent support, so you’ll need consistent hours too.

If you do find you need to reduce or increase your hours permanently, we can do this for you. 30 days notice is required to reduce your hours (our minimum is 20 per month).

Hear From Our Clients

We have been honoured to work with some incredible people, here is what they have said about us:

Sue Mandelbaum

Having worked with Sandy before, at Spencer Stuart, I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone needing help in organising meetings or in producing the highest quality documentation.


Sue Hindmarch Erixon

I worked closely with Sandy for 10 years at Spencer Stuart and highly recommend her.

She is a professional and efficient Executive Assistant who works with diligence and integrity in whatever she does, whether it’s managing clients, project managing, diary management or document production.

Career & Leadership Coach, Hindmarch Consulting

Family Law Solictor

We were recommended Sandy and her team and from the outset Sandy really understood my business needs. Sandy partnered us with Nancy who my team are really pleased with. Nancy has been open to learning our processes and she is a really quick learner who is efficient and accurate.

It is a pleasure to work with Sandy and Nancy and I especially welcome the regular coffee catch ups with Sandy to ensure all is well and my business needs are being met.

Family Law Solicitor

Bernard Perry

Elite PA Solutions has been providing a high standard of Virtual PA support to TRANSEARCH for over five years. Sandy has a thorough understanding of top-level international executive search and the project/ process-driven nature of what we do – characterised by high levels of professionalism, communication and discretion.

She fully appreciates the type and calibre of individual that is best suited to support a business like ours. Sandy has a knack of perfect people-matching!

Managing Partner, London

Christina Campbell

I worked with Sandy for around 10 years at Spencer Stuart, up until 2009 when I left. She was a joy to work with, always diligent, professional and good fun. She is very well organised, strong on project management, and people-oriented – she handled clients and candidates at the most senior levels with great care and discretion.

If I had the opportunity, I would hire her, as she is one of the best EAs I have worked with anywhere.

Careers Advisor, Coach and Executive Outplacement Consultant

Liz Morrish

Sandy quickly understood what additional support we needed in CEFLEX, even though the sector is not one she has worked in previously.

She really matched our requirements to Fi’s skills and experience and has helped to provide a key team member for the CEFLEX initiative.

Project Manager

Eva Beazley

Sandy has demonstrated her professional, relationship-based approach from the moment I was introduced to her in early 2019. She took the time to meet me to understand me, my clients and my business philosophy so that working together was a mutual decision.

Sandy understands implicitly that her interactions with my clients are an extension of my own and that absolute professionalism is expected when working at Board and Executive team level.


Andrew Tallents

Sandy listened to what I needed and very quickly introduced me to one of her team. She had worked in a leadership services business before and was used to speaking with senior executives. It was important that I could trust my PA to act on my behalf on a day to day basis once they understood how I liked to work and what my clients needed.

We met face-to-face in London before we kicked off our working relationship. As soon as we met, I felt confident that she would be able to look after my clients and more importantly me!

Andrew Tallents

Chris Blackwell

Sandy was absolutely focused on finding the perfect PA for me and my business and she got it absolutely right. Within six weeks I have escaped the cycle of being constantly behind and spending far too much of time doing things that weren’t driving the future success of my business.

I would highly recommend you work with Sandy and the team at Executive PA Solutions if you want to drive your business forward.

CEO and Founder

Jonathan Moulton

Sandy’s project management skills were fantastic. She was the lynch pin when it came to co-ordinating extensive itineraries for myself and my business partner Ken on business development trips, on a quarterly basis to the US.

She truly was invaluable to the business, always cheerful, efficient and totally reliable.

Managing Partner Search, Momenta Partners (former client)

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