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Set your Business Boundaries

by Feb 3, 2021Strategic Planning

Boundaries in business are life-changing, life-giving, game changers. It’s true, I can’t emphasise the importance of setting boundaries enough. Sadly, it’s only when we’re close to burning out that we think through the implications of our current boundaries.

Setting boundaries sounds easy enough, however it can be a different story when it comes to putting them into practice. It can also put you in a difficult position if you’re saying no to opportunities that aren’t aligned with your priorities. As can addressing client requests that go beyond your scope of work.

In this blog I’ll break down how to set clear business boundaries. More importantly, I’ll show you how to align these boundaries with your goals. Having put this in place, you should feel empowered and in charge of your day.

What do you want?

Before you can communicate your guidelines to others, you first need to know what they are. Schedule some time to decide on your working hours, as well as times where you’re happy for clients to contact you.

Perhaps, you already have these details in place, but find yourself working on things that fall outside your usual scope. In which case, jot down what’s included in the work you carry out for your clients. Remember, this isn’t about what you can do, rather what you would like to do – afterall, this is your business, you get to decide.

Communicate your guidelines

All that detail we discussed above needs to be included in your contract. Add what would happen if the scope of work changes. Make sure you get a signed copy back from your client and that you address any questions raised before you start work. 

Be transparent

People appreciate honesty, and it builds loyalty and trust in customers and prospects. Agree with your client that you’ll both address any issues or concerns upfront. Ensure you honour your own boundaries, by showing up on time and doing what you agreed to do.

Embrace the power of No

You should feel able to say no if something doesn’t fit with your priorities. If this feels uncomfortable think of answers ahead of time that you’re happy with. You could start with phrases such as “I’m afraid I can’t do that at this time” or “Can I recommend someone who can help you with this?” for example. There are plenty of polite ways of turning people down, and it’s certainly worth a little awkwardness to ensure you stay on track with your priorities.

Feel in Control

Take one step today to set your business boundaries – write your three top priorities for the week. Then turn down any requests that are not in alignment with those priorities. If you’re struggling with this, why not book in for a Clarity Hour? During a clarity hour we will discuss the issues you have with your current boundaries and create a plan for empowerment.

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