Celebrating Ten Years as Elite PA Solutions

by Apr 5, 2022Blog

This month we are celebrating ten years in business. Where does the time go…It is incredible to look back on how much the business has grown, and exciting to imagine what we might be like in ten years from now… I wanted to mark this ten year achievement by reflecting back on ten accomplishments over the years that I’m very proud of.

The Launch

When I think back to the beginning, I had no idea that the business would develop and grow into what it is today. I launched the business while still working part-time for my employer. I also had two young children who I was solely responsible for.  There was a lot of hard work and long hours, working day and night for many years, to get the business where it is today – it was worth the hard work!


Having the confidence to shout about your business for the first time can be quite nerving. Which is probably why, I remember pressing submit on the first blog post as if it were yesterday. It was a big step in the right direction. You can read the original blog here.

We now have in excess of 100 blogs out there!

Going Full-time

Resigning from my employed role and going full-time in my virtual PA business was a huge step in believing in myself and the business.

I’m very grateful to my former colleagues who supported and endorsed my business by referring me to their networks and believing in me when I needed it most – Sue, Anne, Sue, Francis and a few others.  I’ll never forget your kindness, support and mentorship both personally and professionally over the last two decades!

The Clients & The Team

I’ve worked with a number of inspiring clients – many of whom who have been on-board for several years. Without these clients, my equally awesome associate team couldn’t achieve what they do every single day on their behalf.

I thoroughly enjoy the match making element of my role, where after taking a client brief, I match that client with an associate who I feel is the right fit for the client’s business. This match is based on skillset, personality (both client and associate!) and capacity for the longevity of a potential working relationship.  You can read more about this process on my website.


I’ve learnt to embrace change, especially in my business. However, the move from working full-time in the business to outsourcing clients to my associate team, required confidence as I handed over the reins and learned to let go!  I’ve eased myself into this transition by making changes over time and continuing to learn so much along the way.

I have recently taken another exciting leap of faith by reducing the amount of time I spend supporting clients day-to-day. Stepping back hasn’t been easy and I couldn’t do it without my team, both current and those who have supported me before – thank you!

Braving a workshop

Hosting a workshop at a Women in Business Conference in 2019, has been another highlight.  Again, I was so nervous, however, once I’d agreed I knew there was no going back and deep down I knew I could deliver. Of course, once I’d started the workshop those cheeky nerves disappeared, and I absolutely loved every minute – thank you Socially Shared for giving me the opportunity.

Women in Business Conference in 2019

On the Radio

Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be interviewed on radio, but there I was nine years into my business discussing life as a virtual PA on Black Country Radio. I think it’s really important to put yourself and your business out there and to market in a variety of different ways. You never know who will be paying attention or where that will lead to.

Black Country Radio


Of course, winning the VA Award for VA of the Year West Midlands and Runner Up England in 2020 was an incredible high. It was my first (and only time) entry, I just felt I needed to prove to myself I could do it!

I proudly have the award logos on my website and I’m not sure that pride will ever fade.

Staying on my own path

A controversial one, but I’m proud of politely declining two client offers (years apart). These offers were to join them as a full-time employee within their businesses.  I’ll admit, I gave both serious consideration. Although, having worked so hard to make a success of my business, in my heart I just knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. Perhaps, working within a business would have been easier and less stressful, but being answerable to an employer wasn’t lighting me up!

I’ve always known that we were capable of delivering an exceptional service to all our clients and I love that about the business.  Some of these milestones happened pre-Covid when the world’s perception of flexible and virtual working was very different to what it is today. With my girls now older, there’s more flexibility in the workplace generally and I think that can only be a good thing going forward. Although, where I am today is precisely where I’ve been striving to be since launching Elite PA Solutions.

Believing in myself

It took a lot of courage to believe in myself and start up Elite PA Solutions. Especially, as our destiny lay solely in my hands. However, I felt strongly that the services I could provide to clients on a virtual, fully flexible basis would provide the life we needed as a family all whilst doing what I love. I’m so happy that I took that belief and made it work, because where we are now is without a doubt my happy place and I’m truly looking forward to the next ten years in my business.

This article was written by Sandy Hearn at Elite PA Solutions. Elite PA Solutions is a team of Virtual Assistants who will save you time by taking care of the operational side of both your business and personal life. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website or feel free to contact us at office@elitepasolutions.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Who am I? Sandy Hearn biography

I have 25+ years’ experience as an Executive Assistant at c-suite and board level, fifteen of those years within executive search and now 10 years growing my business Elite PA Solutions.

I thrive on building strong relationships, love to organise and deliver beyond expectations. Having recruited PAs into a team of over thirty PAs in my employed role, I now use the skills I honed in onboarding my fantastic team of associates.

I was delighted to receive industry recognition as Winner, VA of Year West Midlands & Runner Up for the UK in the UK VA Awards 2020.

If you have any questions please email me at sandy@elitepasolutions.com or send me a message on LinkedIn. I aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.