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Dr Eileen Forrestal – Wellbeing Coach – Rise & Shine!

Our Brief

Eileen started working with Elite PA Solutions in December 2020 and her brief required a little unravelling and someone with a calm approach! Eileen is a highly active creative thinker whose mind races with lots of ideas buzzing, things to do and projects to complete. She recognised that her goals were many and wide ranging and her desire was to complete them all as swiftly as possible. Eileen identified that a priority was to have someone to rely on when required, with project-based support, from proof reading, reviewing, critiquing, and editing her journals and books, to drafting of press releases. Other areas where Eileen required support included research in areas ranging from appropriate employment and business contracts to avenues for marketing and promotion of publications, and compilation of spreadsheets to assist with expenses.


Given Eileen’s scatter gun characteristics (rest assured, she does use this term herself!), we needed to implement structure, a process and way of keeping Eileen on track on delivering the results she so desired. Someone who was calm, considered and understanding but equally able to pull Eileen back to focus on a particular project and begin to tick each phrase off her to do list. We introduced Eileen to Claire who was very up for the challenge of bringing Eileen’s plans to reality. Eileen now has a clear line of communication, directly to Claire as and when she has a project where she needs research to be conducted, proof reading/editing of her books and Eileen’s ideas to be collated and actioned in a timely manner.


Eileen appreciates the level of commitment that we give her on a flexible, ad-hoc basis and over time her relationship with Claire has grown whereby, she feels able to bounce her ideas off Claire and ask the opinion of the wider team here at Elite PA Solutions. Our relationship is open and honest.

‘It was very comforting to know that there was nothing I couldn’t ask about, or for, that would not get a considered and timely response, and some direction. This sets my mind at ease.”

This was my first experience of reaching out for support when i wasn’t entirely sure what kind of support I needed. From the outset, there was calm, clarity and a structure that enabled me to untangle some of my thoughts and get tasks into manageable bites – and then for some of those tasks to be taken off my plate and completed easily, professionally, and efficiently by Claire, was really wonderful.

Knowing this team has my back gives me the confidence to keep going with my new ideas, without worrying how I’m going to get them done. Now I know who to ask!!


Eileen is an individual who is passionate and driven in her desire to share her story, and to bring support and understanding to others through her newly founded coaching business. Her passion can sometimes override a more systematic approach, and this is where my involvement is crucial. I am there not only to understand and contribute to Eileen’s ideas and dreams, but to organise and align these in order that Eileen can achieve the results to which she aspires. It is my role to work alongside Eileen in understanding her goals, to bring focus to these, and to share her requirements with the wider team where my own skillset is not aligned.


We deliver an executive-level PA Service to time-precious entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives at the very top of their game who understand the value of delegating tasks to the right people.

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